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Play for Peace! https://www.openlearning.com/courses/EDU818415


  • game playGame in Action. I was surprised the civilians getting bombed from drone attacks are joining the terrorists. He was surprised there are drone protests in America and we care about the civilians getting bombed. For every 2 terrorists, 98 civlians die in casualty.
  • how to play15 Global Challenges to World Peace
  • TIA 2.0 This is Africa nowPlay with Joyce- our IT Engineer from Kenya. She speaks Swahili and English
  • languageChoose a language to play in
  • peace This is what we hope for in our vision
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Play- It’s free! Make friends for Peace through skype or mobile chat.

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This trust building game  is a safe place to discuss sensitive issues to learn from each other for world peace.

“You have done much to encourage frank exchange across members from all walks, which is a giant step” Patrick from Brazil.

“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Travel is fatal to #prejudice, #bigotry, and #narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. – Mark Twain – Since travel is expensive and not viable for many, the Peace Game online gives access to meeting others from different cultures.

This is Syed and me breaking through the Media to learn about the drone attacks in Pakistan and drone protests in the U.S. We became friends playing the  Peace Game online. I was surprised to learn that the civilians getting bombed are so angry they are joining the terrorists. Syed was surprised to learn that there are drone protests in the U.S. showing that Americans care about the civilians. With this information it may ease tensions.

This is what we hope for – Stop War


Intro video http://vimeo.com/55682665

Designing a New Learning Environment  http://venture-lab.orgPaul Kim: Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean, School of Education, Stanford University

Choose a scenario or make your own. Tell us what you learned.

We are writers, artists, teachers, engineers, accountants, musicians, designers, and programmers who live in opposite sides of the planet in Kenya, Pakistan, India, South Korea, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Greece, and America, etc. Together, we speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Swahili, Punjabi, Hindi, Sindi, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, and English. We are scientists, working with Christian (Catholics and Protestants), Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, and Atheists from extremely diverse backgrounds, races and ethnicities who are setting aside differences in the name of world peace. We have friends who are Persian, Syrian, Mormon, Greek Orthodox, Arab Israeli, Messianic Jews for Palestine and Palestininian Christian and they have friends who are everything under the sun. Join us.

-Kids 9 and up play in your classroom only with your teacher. Choose a scenario or make your own. Send us your scenario and play


Kids 13 and up play with your friends that you text but get permission from your parents.

18 and up . Choose a peace keeper in the country you want. Skype around the world. We are a Stanford Project for our our MOOC Stanford online class.

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